Monday, February 18, 2013

The Visitor


Last night, something unnerving happened and I felt I had to tell you about it.

I was working late, at my computer, when an instant message arrived.  I don't use the service much, but I do leave it open so I can maintain the impersonal relationships with college friends, business associates, etc, that we've all become so very adept at.  It hardly seemed a strange thing as I clicked over to the chat box.

There was only a single question waiting for me.  "Having a nice night?" it asked.  I did not recognize the sender, so it meant little to me and I chose not to reply.

A few minutes later, however, the same person sent me another IM.  This one read, "Don't ignore me", which was a little creepier.  Still, I wasn't about to engage this person in conversation, so I blocked the user and tried to push it from my mind.

Ten minutes passes and I was beginning to feel secure when my phone buzzed.  The number was foreign to me but the text, which read "Now you've offended me", was obviously from the same person.

At this point I was becoming panicked.  Every noise conjured images of madmen sneaking in windows and I couldn't help but look behind me every so often as I sat at my computer.  The familiar feeling of being watched that I had thought to leave at my old house came flooding back.  This paranoia was no doubt the intent of the messages, but rational thought was becoming harder to come by.

I had just gotten up to get out of the house when the phone began vibrating again.  Hesitantly I tapped at the notification, adrenalin surging through my blood.  "I have something to show you," it stated, the implication clear.

"Who are you?" I responded, fumbling over the keys.

Almost immediately the next text came.  "I'll show you."

The next several seconds were painful as I sat in my living room floor, expecting a knock on my door or even a sudden shadow in the hallway.  Thankfully, there was nothing but silence.  Even that seemed to stir the dark thought in my mind, though.

A few minutes later I received the last text.  "Sleep soundly," it jeered.  I of course did not.

I convinced myself it was merely a scare tactic.  That is, until I drove by my old house today.  Even from my car I could tell the front door had been forced.  I couldn't bring myself to go inside, but I doubt anything was taken.

If this is tied to the blog, I am confused.  How could someone following me through this site not know I had moved?  Perhaps they thought I was lying to confuse them.  Thankfully I was not.  If nothing else, this experience has made me even more determined to maintain my secrecy here in Pale Forest from now on.  That might make things inconvenient at times, but it's preferable to meeting this man in person some day.

Until next time...