Monday, February 4, 2013

Black Path Caverns


I'm embarrassed by the lack of anything compelling to share regarding my latest inquiries.  I had several theories to look into over the past few days, but nothing has panned out the way I had hoped.  In lieu of this, I thought perhaps I would post briefly about one of the more interesting places here in Pale Forest that I have not yet described.  I will do this from time to time in order to paint a more vivid picture, but today I will limit myself to one of the most foreboding locations I can think of: Black Path Caverns.

As a child I heard many frightening stories describing the caverns, but I never had the opportunity-- or the nerve-- to actually visit.  I must admit, after my first trip last weekend, I hope not to have to return.

About a mile outside of town, the main road forks.  Most people will remain on the paved portion, but those in seek of something more sinister will take a left, down a long and somewhat overgrown, dirt path.  This bumpy, unlit stretch is known rather charmingly as Skeleton's Walk  (due to how narrow it becomes at certain points). Of course, this is just what the morbid people of Pale Forest call it.  You won't find the road at all on GPS.

Skeleton's Walk

I had driven out here following a lead that was quickly squashed, but I did take a couple of photos for you to enjoy.  From the moment I arrived, my resolve began to waver.  The mouth of the caves looked as if it might swallow a person whole and there was an unnerving whistling sound coming from within.  Suddenly the terrible memory of ghost stories told to me when I was young came rushing to my mind (I'll try to find and post one of these later tonight in case you want a little bedtime reading).  That was enough for me, so I quickly found my way from the place before the sun could set.

The Cave's Mouth

I wish I weren't such a coward.

Until next time...