Wednesday, February 13, 2013

New House, New Plan


Just a short update today on my situation. Firstly, thank you for all of the well wishes; I am feeling much better already. This is in no small part, I believe, thanks to me getting out of my old house and moving to another, more secretive location. I am trying not to be too paranoid, but I must admit that a very large part of me is incredibly relieved to be away from a situation in which I felt I was being watched constantly. Though I am still wary of those in Pale Forest who'd like for this blog to end, I am feeling more like I have a chance to conduct my investigation in peace now.

To that end, I will be visiting a few places over the next week that I initially did not wish to step foot in. The realization I have to push through my fear to discover what I'm looking for is becoming more clear to me. There are just too many questions that simply can't be answered in a library or over the Internet, and right now I'm the only one who can take care of this in person. Hopefully there is still help to come from somewhere, but if there isn't, I'm prepared to do what it takes regardless.

 I'm surprised, though, by how much your support helps me with this task. The people of this city have no intentions of being anything but obstacles, but chronicling my research with you believers let's me know that I'm not truly alone. Thank you for that.

Tomorrow is an important day, but not for the reason it is for many of you (Pale Forest doesn't really celebrate Valentine's Day). Instead of buying chocolates and cards, I'll hopefully get some of the evidence I need to really start figuring this out. I can't really say where I'll be-- it's pretty obvious that not everyone who reads this blog wants me to succeed-- but I'll post my success afterwards. If you don't hear from me, it will probably be safe to assume I didn't get in and out undetected and I'm in jail (or worse).

Until next time (hopefully tomorrow)...