Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bumps in the Night


This morning I awoke from my fitful sleep and, after clearing my head, immediately began playing back the audio recording made during the night.  It was mostly the usual sounds of slumber-- the bed creaking, breathing, etc.  This in fact went on for hours.  I listened, my attention drifting as I went about the start of my day.  Then, about four and a half hours in (making the time roughly half past three), an few odd sounds joined the normal ones.

I have uploaded the audio so that you can listen as well, followed by a short interpretation of what I think we are hearing in the recording.

  • 0:06: This sounds like me rolling over and can be used to get an idea of the volume of everything in the clip
  • 0:18 - 0:23: This breathing is definitely me, thankfully.  It is labored due to being sick.
  • 0:24: This, again, is me coughing.  I hope it didn't startle anyone...
  • 0:38: The scratching sound begins and runs for almost 30 seconds.
  • 1:03: There is a loud, "thump" sound.

After that, the unidentified noises stopped.  I will spare you more audio of my snoring/coughing.

The sounds are obviously very troubling.  I have no clue what the scratching could be, but it is what I described vaguely remembering in my past post.  I don't own any animals, so it can't be something of that nature.  It is loud enough to hear quite plainly and sounds organic, though not really familiar in any way.

The thump is also frightening.  It sounds for all the world like my door, as if it had been barely cracked and then quickly closed again.  I remember starting a bit in my sleep last night; was this the cause?

I have decided not to tempt fate.  With an obvious backlash in Pale Forest over this blog, staying here isn't a wise choice.  Thankfully a friend (perhaps my last here) has volunteered to let me stay elsewhere.  I will hence be keeping my whereabouts secret.  Hopefully these sounds-- and this damn illness-- won't be joining me in my new location.

Until next time...