Tuesday, April 2, 2013

The Tower


Though I haven't gotten over to the library as often as I've wanted to, my hectic schedule's permitted me some investigation into the town's history.  On this latest trip, I read the tale of a strange building I've heard of but never actually seen.

It's called William's Tower, so named for the unfortunate guide, William Pettigrew, I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  It was supposed to be a way to both honor him and enable the town to spy storms from miles away without having to go too far up into the mountains.  Since the weather had been what claimed poor William, this seemed pretty fitting.

However, since the tower was deemed rather dangerous itself, and because the mayor at the time didn't want it "attracting" outsiders, it's location was kept a secret.  I'm not sure how you hide a several stories high, stone tower, but apparently they found a way because I've certainly never been out to it.

I do recall hearing it mentioned many times as a child, though it was generally discussed in a sort of hushed, reverent tone.  No one ever actually talked about having been there; they merely accepted its existence without questioning it any further.  Obviously keeping all of this secret is important to the people of Pale Forest, which, of course, only makes me more curious.

While I doubt anyone will help, I'm going to try and find out more about this tower and why it's location is still secret 160 years later.  Someone must know where it actually is, after all, since there was a picture in the town's book of history (which must have been taken well after its construction).

It looks quite plain to me.  Why all of the secrecy, then?  I must find out how to reach it, and if the photographer knew the way, then there must be others who do as well.  I'm going to find them and then William's Tower.

Hopefully this isn't another dead end.

Until next time...